Music Snacks

Lessons to Go!

No time for regularly scheduled lessons? No problem! We now offer 10 minute Music Snacks online! Read more below!

How does it work?

Simply log on to our online courses below! You can choose 1 lesson for $15 or a “Snack Pack” of 8 lessons for $100 (Save $20!).

After purchasing the course, you’ll see the instructions followed by a built in video recording area.

You can record up to 10 minutes of video – anything you like as long as it’s related to the course (vocals, piano, guitar, etc). You can sing, play, ask questions, etc.

Once you submit the video, your instructor will watch the video and submit a video response back to you within 24 hours. The response will offer tips, advice, critiques, and answers to any questions you have.

You are welcome to do Music Snacks as often as you like!

Get started with some Music Snacks now!