NFT Wall


The Telecaster Guy is starting a new weekly comedy show starting the end of March 2022, and we need YOU to help give us a crowd in our little studio! Sure, we could have real people come join us, but it’s just a small studio. So we’ve created an NFT project to coincide with our show! With every NFT purchase, we ask you to email us a picture of your face. Then we print it on either an 8×8 or 12×12 tile and post on our wall at George Guitars. Help us get a sold out crowd of 466 on our wall! More info below!

About the NFT’s
  • On March 1, 2022, we’re dropping our Telecaster Guy collection of 466 NFT’s in mp4 format on Open Sea.
  • Every Telecaster Guy NFT features one of Randall’s original guitar licks as the audio.
  • The mp4’s are 15 seconds long and show the Telecaster Guy transforming from having an average day to having an absolutely excellent day… because that’s what music does for us, right?
  • All 466 are original designs, one of a kind, and not randomly generated. We designed these ourselves one at a time (lots of coffee was involved).
  • Priced from $85 to $1000 each.
  • We could have stopped here, but that’s not as much fun. No one likes performing to an empty audience, so we decided to decorate our wall with our buyer’s faces.
  • Scoot on over to the column on the right to read the rest of the story.

Wanna see an example? Here’s a mockup of one of our NFT’s. This one isn’t for sale and features stock music instead of Randall’s guitar licks… but you get the idea.

About your picture on our wall…

WHY?? I mean… why not? We need an audience, and the thought of having 466 faces watching us is entertaining in itself.  So it’s very simple. After you purchase an NFT, send us an email letting us know which one you bought and attach a picture of your face.

Want your logo in it? We don’t mind if you can get creative with it. Wear a hat, shirt, etc with it on there… but we still need your face! If you really want a logo but can’t figure out how to wear it, send it to us and we’ll photoshop it on there for you. BUT… the face will be the biggest portion of the picture! These are only 8×8 inch tiles (or 12×12 if you buy one of the big dogs) so we need close ups!

We reserve the right to refuse any picture. You must own the picture you send in! No nudes, no profanity, no hate, no rude gestures, no racism… just be decent humans, ok? You can send us a mug shot, your best duck face, your overly filtered face, your eyes crossed… whatever you’d like. Just remember the world is going to see it in just about every video we make.